Стеллажи Этнография An Arctic Indigenous Knowledge System

Александра Лаврилье и Семён Габышев

An Arcric Indigenous Knowledge System of Landscape, Climate, and Human Interactions

Evenki Reindeer Herders and Hunters

Co-written by an anthropologist and a reindeer herder (BRISK project co-researcher) on the basis of their field materials, this book offers documentation and analysis of complex traditional environmental knowledge. It presents the emic typologies and concepts the Evenki use for understanding norms and anomalies, observing and predicting changes, and adapting. This book is one of the results of the Evenki community-based transdisciplinary observatory established by the authors for monitoring climate and environmental changes with herders (2012–2016) and funded by the ANR and IPEV.


  • Preface
  • Introduction. A transdisciplinary community-based observatory: Methods and co-productions
    • 1.1. Indigenous knowledge and science
      • 1.1.1. A specific TEK approach
      • 1.1.2. Specifities and co-production
      • 1.1.3. Evenki conditions for knowledge production versus science
    • 1.2. A transdisciplinary community-based observatory: origin and developments
      • 1.2.1. From the point of view of the social anthropologist
      • 1.2.2. From the point of view of Evenki reindeer herders
      • 1.2.3. From the point of view of Evenki villagers
      • 1.2.4. Development of a trandsdisciplinary method
      • 1.2.5. Difficulties of mutual understanding with climatology and remote sensing
  • The Systom of Evenki Ecological Knowledge and its Typologies
    • 2.1. The Evenki group concerned and their calendar
    • 2.2. Natural landscape
      • 2.2.1. Topographic typology
      • 2.2.2. Vegetal co ver typlology
    • 2.3. Indigenous science of climate
      • 2.3.1. Evenki climatology
      • 2.3.2. Clouds typology
      • 2.3.3. Precipitations typology
      • 2.3.4. Winds and airs typology
      • 2.3.5. Snow and ice typology
  • Observing and Predicting Norms, Anomalies, and Transformation
    • 3.1. Landscape components for and ideal camp
    • 3.2. Snow road construction and anomalies
    • 3.3. Analysis of grazing pastures
    • 3.4. Anomalies in the snow cover 2013–2014
    • 3.5. Anomalies in the snow cover 2014–2015
    • 3.6. Ice anomalies (Ulan bukte)
    • 3.7. Landscape transformation due to climate change
    • 3.8. Inter-annual comparisons and modelling (norms, anomalies)
  • Conclusion
  • References
Lavrillie A., Gabyshev S.. An Arctic Indigenous Knowledge System
На английском, русском и эвенкийском языках
Lavrillier A., Gabyshev S. An Arctic Indigenous Knowledge System of Landscape, Climate, and Human Interactions. — Verlag der Kulturstiftung Sibirien, 2017.